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#4. Programmable Money.

January 11, 2021 Bram Cohen, Gene Hoffman Season 1 Episode 4
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#4. Programmable Money.
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Bram Cohen,  the legendary  inventor of  BitTorrent, talks about his programmable money startup Chia . It plans to make cryptocurrencies  more efficient and easier to use then today. Bram is joined by Chia's president Gene Hoffman,  former CEO of Vindicia and  co founder of emusic.
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Bram the builder.
Bitcoin, a wonderful horrible idea.
Proof of stake, a step backwards.
Mining misses Satoshi's vision.
The problem.
Shit smoothie solutions.
Proof of space and time.
BitTorrent like easy interface for mining.
Proof of time, a deep dive.
Verifiable delay functions ( VDFs ).
Hardware requirements.
Nerd out.
Closing remarks.